Celebrating Local Everything; Food, Drink, Music, BBQ, and our SRJC!

With this warm weather and refreshing rain, the gardens will stay green and vibrant so much longer. This spring has been beautiful, and what better way to celebrate a season of new beginnings than with a fundraiser designed to strengthen and continue what we have just embarked upon with the SRJC board ~ held in a beautiful Sebastopol setting. 

Please join my campaign team on Sunday, May 31, from 2:30 to 5 p.m., in the splendid and amazingly sustainable home garden and orchard of Lawrence Jaffe and Ann Austin, 850 Robinson Rd., Sebastopol, for a down-home country BBQ with live music and prizes. It will be an experience you won’t want to miss.

I will prominently display the names (and logos, as applicable) of sponsors on the event invitation and on sponsor boards at the event. I will also include them on my updated website and the e-newsletters that I will soon begin regularly sending to my extended community.

Sponsorship levels are graduated, with no minimum or maximum. My district is about as large as a supervisorial district, so campaigns can get very expensive.  Every dollar helps support real progressive change where it matters most, in our schools!

My race last time was very time-consuming, going door to door to talk to voters, attending every event possible, and all the while raising money to get my message out. This event will help me take fundraising out of my future election efforts and start off with full campaign coffers, which will in turn allow me to stay focused on winning votes and advancing smart policy.

Every day, I give my all to promote a greener economy and a better-educated population in order to make a better world and Sonoma County for us all.  I need your support in my mission to incorporate 21st-century ideals into 20th-century educational practices so that we may live lighter on the land, be technologically innovative, and remain energized in making the world a better place.

Please consider sponsoring my event to keep this important work going strong! If you cannot sponsor, I hope you will contribute what you can.

Above all, I’d thoroughly enjoy seeing you at the party!


Jordan Burns
SRJC Trustee


Jared Huffman – Congressman 
Mike McGuire – State Senator
Marc Levine – Assemblymember
Susan Gorin – Supervisor
Efren Carrillo – Supervisor
Shirlee Zane – Supervisor
Ernie Carpenter – CBOC Member, Former Supervisor
Don Edgar – Vice President SRJC Board of Trustees
Terry Lindley – SRJC Trustee
Maggie Fishman – SRJC Trustee
Dorothy Battenfeld – SRJC Trustee
Marsha Vas Dupre – Former SRJC Trustee, Former Santa Rosa Councilmember
Julie Combs – Santa Rosa City Councilmember
Gary Wysocky – Santa Rosa City Councilmember
Erin Carlstrom – Santa Rosa City Councilmember
Patrick Slayter – Sebastopol City Mayor
Sarah Glade Gurney – Sebastopol City Vice Mayor
Robert Jacob – Sebastopol City Mayor
John Eder – Sebastopol City Councilmember
Una Glass – Sebastopol City Councilmember
Craig Litwin – Former Sebastopol City Mayor
Pam Torliatt – Former Petaluma City Mayor
Herman G. Hernandez – Sonoma County Office of Education Board Member
Marsha Sue Lustig – Palm Drive Healthcare Boardmember
Jenni Klose – Santa Rosa City School Board Member
Dennis Rosatti – Former Harmony School Board Member

Lawrence Jaffe Tony Crabb
Dan O'Connell Erik Bjornstad
 Adam Goldberg Michael Woulbroun
Gabe Johnson  Jeff Brittain 
Brad Smith  Laura Litwin 
Gregory Fearon  Adam Buxbaum 
Ann Austin  Julia Valentine 
Jane Nielson  Devorah Blum 
Francisco Vasquez  Omar Medina 
Jeanette Ben Farhat  Judi Pereira 
Christy Lubin  Joe Burns 
Adam Parks  Edie Burns 
Jack Tibbets  Jack Buckhorn 
Luke Melo  Tony Geraldi 
Eric Lofchie  Peggy Calkins 
Evan Bjornstad  Diana Ramirez 
Loi Medvin  Hilleary Izard 
Jessica Jones  Fred Euphrat 
Jack Dupre 

Laura Shafer




May 31, 2015 at 2:30pm - 5pm
850 Robinson Rd., Sebastopol

Who's RSVPing

Will you come?

$5,000.00 Doctorate
$2,500.00 Master
$1,000.00 Bachelor
$500.00 Associate
$100.00 High School Grad
$35.00 Non-sponsor recommended donation